PLEASE NOTE: I am not a registered dietician. I am a CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER AND CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH and have working knowledge of healthy eating habits as it pertains to my personal training certification. While I can make basic modifications to our meal plans depending on preference and minor food allergies, I cannot recommend menu options for people with major medical/health conditions and cannot guarantee that recommended foods will not contain traces of certain foods so please be aware of each item involved in preparing each dish and make responsible choices based on your personal allergies and experience. GRIT STRONG nor its employees, trainers, affiliates, subsidiaries, or parent company will be liable for damages resulting from any client’s acceptance of dietary recommendations. Disclaimer Facebook Group GRIT is not responsible for any of the information which is posted in the Forum (Facebook Group).Be aware that opinions which are expressed are those of the users of the Forum, and do not represent any advice, or opinion of GRIT. Any recommendation or other information within the Forum which is followed by you is at your own risk. GRIT does not take any responsibility for content posted and gives no endorsement of such material. CONFIRMING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION confirms you agree and understand the above.