Sneaky Holiday Habits that Cause Weight Gain

DO you seem to always weigh a bit more rounding the corner of the new year?

Well you are not alone!

I was a contributor to a recent post on, so I have included an excerpt on my tips for avoiding  the sneaky weight gain over the holidays this season. 


"From shopping and wrapping gifts to dealing with difficult family members (we all have them, right?) sometimes the holidays can be a source of stress. Of course, exercising is one great way to reduce the negative effects of feeling over-stressed; another reason to make sure you stay on top of your workout routine.

Plus, Natalie Galyon, a Wellness Fitness Coach and author of The Superpower Practice, says that stress could also make your more susceptible to illness. To boost your immune system and keep your overall health in check she suggests drinking lots of water and adding Vitamin C and D supplements to your diet. "

Decreased Daily Activity

“Shorter daylight naturally brings less activity and also a change of habits and routine,” says Galyon. To ensure that you’ll maintain adequate activity levels she suggests picking up a seasonal sport (ice skating, snowshoeing, hot yoga, etc.) and  preparing back-up workout plans in case of inclement weather. Even though you might not be able to make it outside, make sure you’re moving consistently throughout the day on a regular basis."