Diets don't work...... SO now what?

 1950' ad-Look! Sugar helps you look like a model.

1950' ad-Look! Sugar helps you look like a model.

So, do you think you need a Diet to lose weight?

Most of us have been "dieting" since we were in our early teens. And we still continue to look for new ways to diet. 


the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.
"a vegetarian diet"

a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.
"I'm going on a diet"

(there are 2 diet definitions:  What I am talking about in this post is No. 2)


We keep trying new diets thinking "this one might work". 


  • Maybe this low carb thing will work for me....or maybe I just haven't found the right diet plan for me so I'll try this new diet.

I'm totally familiar with the cycle of trying and failing (that's the beautiful thing about human nature we keep trying!)

Sure we might take a break from all the trying but eventually over time we sign back up for another DIET. 

We were born into this way of thinking and it's become a cultural habit. 

Check out the following Diet mantra that was burned in my brain for many years. 

My old Diet mantra:
I have to eat every 3 hours to keep from going into starvation mode.

Really, is that true?

I totally used to believe this because the experts told me so and I ended up taking in more food than I needed everyday! There was always this little voice tapping me on the shoulder and telling me, it's been 3 hours! better eat or your going to store Fat!

This mantra was was not my body (actually feeling hungry in my gut) telling me to eat, it was my belief (rational brain-I was taught this, so it must be true), you should eat or you'll store fat.

If you start to become aware of the "Consumer Brain", then you can start to change your behavior.

So what if I decided to  listen to ME instead of an so-called expert? 

Wait a sec, I AM the expert of ME!

It's time to take back our brains and biology from the Powers that be:  

My New mantra:
I eat when I'm hungry.

And guess what? I have naturally lost weight because I naturally take in less food!

Genius! You don't HAVE to struggle and losing weight doesn't HAVE to be hard!

Who says what works for you? YOU say what works for you! Learn to Listen you YOUR Biology. 

The Next time you want to believe a new Diet mantra that happens to be the new "IT" diet, consult with yourself,

QUESTIONS to ask yourself:


  • Can I sustain this Diet longterm

  • DO I really believe this will work for me longterm?

  • Where is the " ME" in this diet?(does this work with my schedule, does this flow with my life and beliefs, does this take a minimal amount of my energy)

If you answer No to any of these questions, it's time to re-think the plan. (Take note that the KEY word is LONGTERM.)

and I think ME sounds a whole lot better!