Is Jet Lag making us Fat?

We are all too familiar with  the symptoms of fatigue and lethargy that result in not getting a good nights sleep . Our circadian rhythms are  disrupted—by frequent poor sleep quality, jet lag or night owl work. And for those of us who have chronic lack of sleep, we are more vulnerable to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. A new study shows that there is a new kid on the block to watch and study; our gut bacteria.

“The internal clocks of these gut microbes sync up with the clocks of their hosts. When our circadian rhythms get out of whack, so do those of our bacteria.” says Elizabeth Norton, Science Magazine.

"In the study, when samples of gut bacteria from the jet-lagged humans were transplanted into healthy mice, the animals gained weight, showed increased blood sugar, and had a higher body fat content compared with animals given the bacteria of participants before their flight." say Rob Knight, University of Colorado, Boulder.  

We sure have come a long way since the Fat Free craze of the 80's and as science reveals more clues on how we gain weight,  the realization is clear that there is not a magic bullet approach to losing or maintaining our weight.

We are discovering that it takes multiple disciplines to keep ourselves healthy and whole.

Here is a quicky list to Healthy Living!

  • Get good sleep 7-8 hours

  • Eat mostly whole foods

  • get your body moving everyday for at least 20 mins

  • Cut out Sugar

  • Keep your stress to a minimum