I get my motivation through others and their success stories! Just like you, Natalie! You are a true motivator, I love your spirit and your passion about wanting to help others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle!! This page keeps me rockin and rollin!!!
— Brooke
ETA: Right now I’m killing it... and my body is showing it!
— Monique
So I just weighed in, and although I have ALOT more to lose, I am pretty proud of myself!! Down 18lbs since day 1!
— Mandy
So darn excited and hope everyone who is a part of your group is just as excited about looking and feeling better this year! You women deserve it! Never cut yourself short. Natalie is going to do an awesome job for us women!!! Let’s do this ladies!!!
— Anji
Couple of updates........I have lost 8 pounds so far. On a side note... amen to the cauliflower crust pizza. I’m hooked lol-
— Andrea