The Bliss Habit is a step by step plan for all of you who are ready to live bigger, have more willpower, be more present, fall in love with your day to day, bring your vision to reality and to reprogram the way you think and respond now!  It’s about taking that inner, Passionate Powerhouse and allow her to play full out in reality.  It’s about feeling her, seeing her and then allowing her to dance into every cell until you breath her into all you do.  She is ready to rock, create massive shifts, and be a change agent, but she just needs to know where to begin.


If you have been with me for awhile, you know that The Bliss Habit used to be broken up into two separate, six-week long courses. Well, now we have combined the courses, we’re adding even more content, and now include a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for everyone who joins. The Bliss Habit is a 10 week online coaching course that consists of video lessons, instructions, written course work, meditations, and a private community all created to support your giant mission of becoming the best, most authentic version of the one and only perfectly imperfect you. This course is open to every women looking to step into their power and live a better life. It is your guide to taking action, moving through resistance and getting your power back through being present, grateful and releasing yourself from old habits and fears.  It is self-love, and spiritual connection in full on battle mode ready to turn her dreams into reality and a force of good!  If you just got excited at the thought of exploring more about yourself, got nervous because you started thinking bigger, or your heart raced with possibilities and even fear over opening your mind up to being and doing more…  This is for you.

Each week a new transformational lesson is released, complete with relative coursework, instructions, and daily meditation. The course work takes about an hour each week, and you are welcome to do the work at your own pace. I also invite you to do additional journaling and video blogging to share among your fellow Bliss Beauties, in this safe, loving community. The more you do, the more you share, the more opportunity you create for personal and professional growth.

Consider The Bliss Habit as your daily soulful reminder to start before you’re ready and make sure what you are doing and choosing to put on your plate is a HELL YES!

Please note, we only open enrollment for The Bliss Habit twice a year, so do not miss your chance to enroll while it is open. Once you enroll, you will immediately activate your LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP of the program.

Join me here now!


+ 10 Guided Meditations

+ A New Lessons Each Week; 10 Total Lessons

+ Video Teachings on Each Lesson

+ Over 7 HOURS of Inspiring Video and Audio Coaching

+ Course Work you can Retain and Understand

+ Weekly Homework

+ Exclusive Bliss Community for Support & Accountability

+ NEW Never Heard Before Bonus Content and Lectures!

+ LIFETIME ACCESS & MEMBERSHIP to All Lessons and Community!