Shape up your Life – Body & Soul!

Ready to say enough is enough? The Body + Soul Program helps you blast through any obstacle, paving the path to total transformation and abundant self-love.

You can have the body you want. You can achieve any fitness goal. You can free your mind of toxic, self-destructive thoughts.

But your transformation doesn’t start in the gym or the kitchen.

Curious to find out how the Body + Soul program works? Good, then you’ll want to keep reading…

Hey soul sister!

Have we met? Because I think I already know you…

You’ve tried it all before, right? You’ve joined the gyms, the online challenges and the organized weight loss programs at work. You’ve stumbled, gotten back up again, and tried harder the next time around on the same well-worn paths, but didn’t cross the finish line…so, what gives?

What if I told you that the missing link to sculpting a body you love doesn’t revolve around trying harder?

Here’s an inconvenient truth about successfully slimming down: You don’t need to try harder. You need to try differently. You need to think differently…

Here’s another inconvenient truth: all of the one-trick ponies that you’ve tried before — the gyms, the online weight loss coaching and the trendy diet clubs — lack the SAME component. This one missing link is the real reason why those programs have failed you in the past.

The Surprising Reason You Haven’t Been Able to Lose Weight and Love Your Body

As an expert personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I’m very familiar with all of the “one-trick ponies”. And this is what the creators of those one-trick ponies DO NOT want you to know…

Technically, their programs will work…IF and ONLY IF you have the right mindset going into the program. And, their programs will work, IF and ONLY IF, your head is already “in the game,” meaning it’s clear of mental obstacles, negative chatter and self-doubt.

Furthermore, your program results will stick IF and ONLY IF you’ve identified and addressed the real reasons behind self-sabotaging habits: the real reasons you reach for fast food, the real reasons you can’t get off the couch, the real reasons for eating when you’re not even hungry and many, many others.

But, let’s be honest…

Working through mental roadblocks, digging deep beyond the surface of our issues (many of which are self-inflicted) and finding enough motivation to stick with a program is easier said than done. It’s an everyday — almost superhuman — challenge. And, it’s a challenge that most women face alone.

I know that you deserve better. That’s why I had no choice but to create…

The Body + Soul Program

What good is a rock-star workout program if your mind is holding you back from getting through it, or even starting it? What good is achieving an amazing body if self-destructive thoughts prevent you from ever loving it? Identifying and overcoming your “mind-body” games and “mind-body” shame is at the soul of my Body + Soul program.

Body + Soul is a monthly online program that puts mindful empowerment at the forefront of your journey. It gives you the tools to shape up your body, get healthy and feel happier — naturally — by first breaking the cycle of self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings.

These tools include…

My Transformation Trifecta: 3 Components to Lasting Success

Instead of your typical get-fit programs that combine only a “body” component, you’ll benefit from my program’s two additional components that help you slash through mental barriers, clearing the path to a healthier, happier life:

  1. Body — This includes two mini components, consisting of express workouts and YOUtrition. First you get my firm up workout secrets, and then my special downloadable cookbook with over 140 delicious recipes and a “4-weeks To Fabulous Jump-Start Meal Guide”.
  2. Mind — This is my meditation component. Trust me, meditation can get you everywhere, including your ultimate happy place. I’ll show you how, in just minutes a day. And the best part — our book club! Every two months we go through a new personal growth mindset book together, along with monthly exercises to keep your mind growing and sharp.
  3. Body + Soul Tribe — For an extra boost, you’ll benefit from membership in the Body + Soul private online group dedicated to peer support and helping you gain strength through motivational stories, tips and healthy trends.

PLUS, throughout the program, you’ll receive guidance from yours truly. I hate it when “fitness gurus” create a program, but NEVER SHOW UP for the people it serves! In our online Body + Soul Tribe portal, myself or a member of my team posts shout-outs (motivational messages) and engage with YOU and the group. On top of that, once a month I host a LIVE accountability call to keep you on your A-game, where you get to interact and ask all of your most burning questions to help you breakthrough to your goals.




“Lori’s Body + Soul program provides the most amazingly supportive environment to set your fitness goals, show your flaws, be human and achieve amazing results with challenging and fun workouts each month. The online Soul community is one of the most valuable parts of the program. I check in to the Facebook page everyday to see how my fellow workout buddies around the world are doing and to share in their triumphs and troubles and to feel inspired by so many amazing women. Lori’s heart, soul and passion shine through every video she posts. A truly incredible woman who offers other women the opportunity to be the very best version of themselves through fitness, forgiveness and lots of self love.”


-Kate Megee


Here’s a glimpse into each program component.

Body (Express Workouts + YOUtrition)

Express Workouts

As a personal trainer and nutrition consultant, I’ve trained busy women who don’t have hours to spend at the gym. I relied on this experience to create quick, express workouts exclusively for Body + Soul participants. These are my “sweat smarter, not longer” routines to get you fit and sexy in under 45 minutes a day. By performing moves that squeeze the most out of every minute, you’ll find that you can exercise less and still drop a size. Everything you need to get started — from videos to printable instructions — is waiting for you in your Body + Soul Tribe portal.


  • Express “do anywhere, anytime” workout videos. I provide the instructions, step by step, and you follow along. No prior experience needed.
  • Exercise modifications, from beginners to advanced, to ensure that no one is left behind.
  • Printable workouts to take to the gym or pack in your suitcase.
  • Soothing yoga-inspired stretches that release tension, while transforming your body.

No bulky equipment is needed — only a light set of weights. For most exercises, you can use your own body as resistance.


#SorryNotSorry, but when I eat a meal, I want to feel deliciously satisfied — but, not guilty — afterwards. Are you with me? That’s why I created the YOUtrition meal plan. It’s a plan that’s BIG on flavor and fat-blasting nutrition, so you can savor without the guilt.

Skip the gimmicky diets that will leave you feeling “hangry.” YOUtrition has everything you need to satisfy your stomach and tantalize your taste buds, while helping you burn body fat, get lean and feel incredible.

You’ll receive:

  • A digital copy of my cookbook with over 140 healthy recipes.
  • A no stress shopping survival guide.
  • Recipes for delicious dishes that will make you feel fuller, longer.
  • Easy meal preparation instructions – go from prep to table in under ten minutes.
  • Waist-whittling snack and treat ideas.

Mind (Meditation)

Yeah, I used to think that meditation was this “new-agey” hocus pocus that only celebrities with a lot of time on their hands did. Until I tried it for myself. After realizing my life had gotten so terrifyingly out of control, I thought what do I have to lose?

A lot, as it turns out. I lost emotional pain. I lost the toxic, self-defeating thoughts. I lost the need to comfort myself with food. With meditation, you’ll be surprised by all of the weighty baggage you’ll lose, and all of the comforting answers you’ll gain.

Self-love and slim-down success is a “mind over matter” game, in which your thoughts can make you or break you. I’ll be there to help you win, with simple, yet powerfully effective mantras that will put a bright spotlight on your daily choices and struggles, and give you the power to change.

You’ll receive:

  • A monthly guided meditation or visualization, focused on a range of topics, including harnessing your energy, letting go, eating more mindfully and quieting your inner critic.

Body + Soul Tribe (Online Portal & Facebook Inner Circle)

The single best predictor of health and happiness is the the breadth and depth of our connections to other human beings.

Christine Carter, Ph.D, sociologist

If the body and mind components of my program are the spark, then the connectivity component is definitely the flame. Social connection and support ricochets back in the form of huge motivational dividends.

That’s why I’ve included both an online portal and Body + Soul Tribe Facebook group as program components. This online inner circle enables you to draw strength from others’ experiences, while having a safe space in which to express your own. When you’ve got the workout blahs or when you need a pick-me-up, check in with your tribe. That may be all you need to get your mojo back!


  • Access to our Body + Soul Tribe Facebook group. Our team will be there on a regular basis to make sure you stay in the zone, on your A-game and at your best. Think of us as your “soul sisters”, pushing positive vibes and affirmations from week to week. Remember: this is a private space in which you can share your progress and get daily inspiration from your peers.
  • One monthly team call facilitated by yours truly. Topics will change from month to month, and you’ll have an opportunity to get your questions answered. Scale not budging? Let’s talk. I’ll be there to listen and suggest manageable tweaks.
  • Monthly accountability assignments, as well as messages, trends and tips to live better, healthier, and happier, which will be posted in the Body + Soul Tribe portal.
  • A monthly book recommendation for inspiration, guidance and to help make positive changes stick.




“Working with Lori Harder on my 75 pound weight loss not only made me lose pounds, gain confidence, and feel better, but empowered me to transform myself. Lori has a truly unique gift in that she gives you hope, faith and love in her special and wonderful way to make you realize that the world is at your fingertips and you just have to reach out and grab it. She’s right there with you every step of the way, believing in your goals as much as you do. I’m forever grateful for her support, her mentoring, coaching, passion and belief – she’s a game changer, an inspiring powerhouse that will help you get where you want to be and more.”


-Meredith Tilch



Who is this program best suited for?

Anyone who has a fitness, weight loss or nutrition-related goal will benefit from this program. Heck, even if you just need some mental clarity, you’ll benefit from it. The workouts are suitable for all levels and I demonstrate the moves, providing modifications for beginners and the more advanced.

Will I have to sign a contract?

No way — your membership is from month to month and you can cancel it at any time. I only ask that you notify my Billing department 30 days prior to the next billing cycle of your intention to withdraw from the program.

You will have to read and agree to a “Terms & Conditions” waiver upon registration.

Can I stay with the program as long as I want?

Absolutely. As long as you stay with the program, I’ll be here to guide you!

What is the cost?

I used to charge $250/hour for my personal training sessions and nutrition consultations. But, due to this program’s 100% online format, I’m able to pass on tremendous savings to you. For a low $59 a month (or less than $2 a day), you’ll have access to ALL program resources. Everything is spelled out in black and white in the Body + Soul Tribe portal. Just login and BOOM! Off you go.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $99 to cover registration and administrative costs on our end. After that, you’re good to go. You can even earn bonuses by referring other participants to the Body + Soul program ($100 per referral) AND one lucky winner (drawn at random) will receive one month free.

Join now for just $59 a month!  Plus a One Time enrollment fee of just $99!